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Celebrities Accessorize with Lingerie for Instant Glamour Possible Today

celebrities with lingerie, celebrities wearing sexy lingerie

Celebrities with Lingerie

Converting your special occasion under clothes to evening wear can seem a daunting proposition.

Don’t be intimidated!

It’s only fashion.

If celebrities with lingerie are doing it you too can do it and even better.

And fashion is not tricky.

Real fashion is the sum of your confidence and creativity, not the digits in your bank account.

If your creativity could use a little spin in the right direction, let the following suggestions guide you when choosing the what, where and how of accessorizing for your next event with intimate apparel.

Think stylish and not skanky. If the occasion is a naughty masquerade then by all means strut your lingerie to the max!

However, in order to attract admiration and not predatory leering at a cocktail party, reception or class reunion remember to view your lingerie as a stylish addition to your outfit rather than the sum total of your look.

It wouldn’t be good form to wear a necklace as a blouse to this type of event no matter how awesome it was at the Mardi gras parade.

The same rule applies to your choice of fancy lingerie as outerwear.

Make sure your lines agree. What does that mean?

Some lingerie styles are structured.

They have wires and boning and lacing in order to create a shape out of your body.

Other kinds of lingerie are unstructured and are meant for modesty layering.

Bustiers and corsets are structured.

Chemises, slips, camisoles and some teddies are unstructured.

celebrities with lingerie
Celebrities with Lingerie

Structured lingerie worn as an accessory is best complemented by an outfit that includes other defined lines and angles for visual balance.

Think starched collars and cuffs, a slim skirt, a clean pressed wide leg slack, slicked back hair, jewelry shaped in triangles and squaresandhellip; a corset worn with a long loose skirt and soft cotton blouse does not project glamour as much as it does that you enjoy dressing up for the Renaissance Faire.

Again, there is a time and a place for every look, but our focus is on elegance.

This is not to say that soft, romantic pieces cannot be added to evening wear featuring a corset or bustier, but in moderation!

A delicately knit shawl could be lovely instead of a tailored jacket but add a flowery skirt and you’ve gone too far.

Break the structured line and the whole look crumbles.


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Celebrities Wearing Sexy Lingerie

Elegance is the product of simplicity and quality.

There are several paths to elegance.

You may choose to focus on colors or details or some tasteful combination of the two.

But first you must decide which separate in your ensemble will be your interest piece.

Accessories are great in this role.

Let’s say you like the idea of a starched blouse and a pencil skirt with your favorite corset.

The corset is made of printed red brocade and you have chosen it as your interest piece.

This means that no one other outfit element should be in direct competition with it for visual attention.

Now consider an elegant look based on a three color balance.

Colors present on your top half should be represented on your bottom half and vice versa.

Also, the only way that all three pieces can be of three different colors is if two of these are in a solid color and either your shoes or jewelry match one or more of your outfit elements.

By way of example a silver blouse is worn under the red corset with a black pencil skirt.

Balance your colors with red or silver heels and black beads.


[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B071Y41FH7″ locale=”US” nw=”y” src=”” tag=”emscrets-20″ width=”500″]


To achieve an elegant two color balance, have the blouse and skirt match exactly in shade.

This is easier said than done when dealing with separates unless the pieces were purchased as a set.

For example, try a matching black blouse and skirt with your red print corset and complete the look with black mary-jane heels, stud earrings and a simple gold or silver necklace, perhaps a dangle.

Somewhat subtler details such as shoe style, skirt slits, interesting stitching or buttons, jewelry style, hair style and ornamentation or make up can amplify your elegance without competing with your interest piece.

So what if anything should you do about underwear for under your underwear?

There is no real etiquette here.

For a corset or bustier worn as an accessory, you may choose to layer a camisole or bra without underwire under your blouse for comfort or even modesty but it is perfectly acceptable to go without.


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It is certainly not a good idea to double up on underwire!

You’ll look lumpy and feel as though you are being tortured all night.

Don’t ever forget that how you feel in your own skin is at least half of the glamour girl equation.

Try your clothes on days or weeks in advance of your upcoming event.

It can be very helpful to try walking, sitting and squatting in front of a mirror.

Get comfortable with the way you look in your new look of celebrities with lingerie so that you can fill your fashion with confidence and poise.

Have fun and be glamorous!

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